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American Writers Museum Exhibits

Chicago's Must-See Exhibits

If you’re looking for things to see in Chicago, the American Writers Museum houses permanent, temporary, and online exhibits.

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Celebrate American Writing

American writing is distinctive, diverse, and comes in many forms from across the nation. As the only museum devoted to American writers and their works, AWM connects visitors with their favorite authors and writings from more than five centuries, while inspiring the discovery of new works of every type – poetry, lyrics, speeches, drama, fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and more.

Our exhibits, both in-person and online, are all meant to engage visitors in a celebration of the significance and power of writing. We have three types of exhibit areas for you to explore:

We hope you enjoy what you find here, and check back or join our mailing to list to learn when new exhibits are added online and in-person.

My America: Immigrant & Refugee Writers Today

Virtual Exhibits

Packed to the brim with information, video content, activities and more, get the informative and interactive American Writers Museum experience online. Plus, virtual exhibits include education resources for teachers, students, and parents to download. Virtual field trips, talks with authors and other online curriculum are also available.

Current Temporary Exhibits

The American Writers Museum has two galleries that house rotating exhibits on a wide array of topics. The Meijer Gallery and Roberta Rubin Writers Room are where living writers are most thoroughly incorporated into exhibit content.

Many temporary exhibits also have virtual components, so explore them here before or after your visit.

Permanent Exhibits

Spanning 400 years of history through writing, the permanent galleries at the American Writers Museum are dynamic and interactive. All ages and interests will find something engaging and surprising at the museum.

Support the Future of American Writing

The American written tradition is vibrant, raucous, and still young. By showcasing the first 200 years, we hope to inspire the writers of the next 200. Be a part of the future of the American written word.

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Class Trips Bring Writing To Life

Our downtown museum is a fun, interactive, and educational space that shows students the power of writing. By immersing your class in our exhibits, and letting them explore the history of American writers, they can gain a new appreciation for the art, history, and passion behind why people write. Inspire the potential writers in your class.

  • Guided tours
  • Self-study
  • Freedom to explore
  • COVID-Precautions Enforced

American writers have changed the country. A trip to the museum can change your student’s life.

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